About me

Valentina Urdaneta
Photo: by @Mariana_Vincenti

[From the Tropic]

My name is Valentina Urdaneta. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. My city situated in an evergreen Valley flooded with the light and colors of the tropics. This background helped inspire my perspective of the world and sparked my appetite for art. From an early age, I learned to appreciate the uniqueness of how urban life and exuberant nature can harmoniously intertwine.

This experience contributed to shaping my style and was fundamental in providing me with a professional direction. My creativity is seeded in the unique context where things are constantly changing and growing.


I believe that imagination is the driving force for all of my work. As a professional in communications, I provide the images that belong to those stories and ideas that are waiting to be shared. In my paintings and illustrations I experiment and explore incorporating emerging technologies and unusual media to traditional categories of art. I communicate through imaginative lines, shapes, colors, forms, and textures that translate into unique designs that enable innovative ideas to be effectively conceptualized and/or disseminated.

[Professional Training]

I am passionate about art, but I also have a Masters degree in Organizational Communication, and a Diploma in Digital Design. I work in a School of Management in Caracas, Venezuela, as a Communications Manager; also as a adjunct professor of Social Media, Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility. As a professional in the communications field, I have extensive experience developing digital marketing strategies to help different clients communicate their ideas and increase customer engagement.

[Contact Me]

I have created this site as an avenue to share my portfolio with you. You can find some of my work at Instagram as @ValenTravel. Also, you can find me at Linkedin